Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant 

- Robert Louis Stevenson

Funded Research Grants

    1. Tree structural based method for feature selection,  Malaysian Government Grant, Higher Learning Ministry, Malaysia,  2010-2012.
    2. Research on Hidden Chinese Cognition Model Based on Swarm Intelligence, Funding period: Jan. 1, 2009 ~ Dec. 31, 2011, National Science Foundation of China (NSFC), Grant number: 60873054, 2009.
    3. Development of An Integrated Adaptive Web Caching and Prefetching
    4. (Pre-Caching) in Mobile Application (Vote 79330), Dec 2008 Nov 2010, MOSTI Science Fund, Malaysia, 2008.
    5. (Principal Investigator), Evolving Artificial Intelligence Paradigms on Computational Grid for Knowledge Mining, Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain, 2007-2008.
    6. Artificial Life Neural Network Caching For Adaptive Hypermedia Learning System (Vote 79101), Dec 2006-June 2008, MOSTI (Science Fund), Malaysia, 2006.
    7. (Principal Investigator), Evolutionary Neural Network Optimization, Ministry of Education, Spain, 2005-2006.
    8. (Principal Investigator), Dursun Delen, Marcin Paprzycki and Johnson Thomas (Co-Investigators),  Web Based Distributed Data Mining Using Hybrid Intelligent Systems, Presidential Challenge Grant, Oklahoma State University, 2003 2005.
    9. (Principal Investigator), Center of Excellence in Information Technology and Telecommunications, State of Oklahoma, 2004.

Research Fellowships/Travel Grants (not updated)

  • Postgraduate Research Fellowship, Monash University, Australia, AU$17,606.00/annum, (1999 - 2001).

  • Cognitive and Neural Systems (ICCNS'01) fellowship, US$1,500,  (2002).

  • Cognitive and Neural Systems (ICCNS'02) fellowship, US$1,367, (2001).

  • Postgraduate travel fellowship,Monash University, Australia, AU$1,915.00, (2000).

  • Postgraduate travel fellowship,Monash University, Australia, AU$1,500.00, (2001).

  • Post Graduate travel fellowship, Monash University, Australia, AU$1,665.00, (2000).